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- No. There is no limit of age to participate in the traineeship programme.

- No. In order to apply you must have obtained a full university degree. The university programme must be of at least three years, and without the diploma you will not be eligible for the Blue Book.

- You should provide a formal statement from your university confirming that you have obtained your degree. Date of the award and final mark awarded must be clearly indicated and match your declaration in the application form.

- Yes, but only if your university provides it. This document allows us to assess your academic curriculum.

- You should have completed a full university degree of at least three years of studies at the time of submitting the application.

- You will be in more than one list but if you get selected by one institution and accept to make your traineeship there, you must withdraw your application from the other/s.

- No. If you decline the offer, your application is automatically excluded from the Blue Book for that session. You can apply again for the new session, but it is not guaranteed that you will successfully pass the pre-selection, be pre-identified ...

- No. Certified translations are not required but highly appreciated.

- It depends on the level you declare. If you attend a bilingual school (i.e. topics are taught in the language declared at proficient level), they are. Otherwise, depending on the grades and the years of study, they can be accepted as proof for A or B level (basic ...

- Not necessarily. 4 exams are the minimum requirement, not the maximum. Grades also play a relevant part in assessing your level. There is also a difference between C1 and C2, corresponding to Effective Operational Proficiency and Mastery respectively. If you have ...


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