Application procedure

An easy 2 step application procedure

Before applying, take our survey to see if traineeship at the EC is for you




Under My Account use the LOGIN button, this will take you to the European Commission's user authentication service (EU Login).

If you are a new user, click on the 'Create an account' link, and fill in the Sign Up form. Once you click on the Submit button, you will receive an email. In the email, click on the link to create your password, and then on Proceed to go to the Application form.

If you log in for a second or consecutive time, you simply write your existing username and password. 

For all questions regarding your registration with EU Login(European Commission's authentication service) see the EU Login FAQ page.






Please do not wait for the very last day/s of an application period to apply!

Any request for support (including technical support) might need up to three working days to be treated, so if you contact us the last three days we cannot guarantee that the needed support can be given to you.

  • Log in and complete each section of the application form following the instructions provided on-screen.
  • You do not have to fill in the entire form in a single session. You can save your entries and log in later to make changes to them, if necessary, and/or complete/finalise the form. You can also preview your application form in printer-friendly PDF version at any time during the application period.
  • Before submitting your application form, the system will show you its overview, as well as the sections that should be filled in. Once your form is correctly filled in, containing information in each relevant section, a "Submit application" button will be enabled. Once you have pushed this button, no further modifications can be introduced. Your application is now registered in the system.
  • A receipt confirmation will appear on your screen, along with your candidate number. Your application is correctly submitted only if you have received such number. In case of queries or technical problems, please contact the Traineeships Office through the “Contact” section.

The European Commission does not require you to submit any documents with your application form. Afterwards, when the assessment phase of the pre-selection is finalised, only pre-identified candidates for the Virtual Blue Book will be invited to provide supporting documents in electronic version, such as:

  • Copy of a valid ID card/passport;
  • Copy of university qualifications declared as completed;
  • Proof of ongoing studies, university exchange programme abroad, participation in EU/international programmes, seminars/workshops, if applicable;
  • Proof of all declared language skills other than the mother tongue/s;
  • Proof of all declared work experiences, if applicable;
  • Proof of all declared IT skills and publications, if applicable.
Nathalie Wiersma

The traineeship was a very enriching experience from a professional, but as well from a personal point of view. As a Dutch trainee I had the opportunity to meet and discuss with Frans Timmermans. In addition, together with other trainees we created the Dancing subcommittee where we taught several dance styles to trainees and performed at the Euroball (the farewell event at the end of the traineeship).

Nathalie Wiersma
Current position: DG Economic and Financial Affairs