#BeActiveAwards 2018 winners

All nominees were present at the Awards Gala in Sofia, Bulgaria, for a great night with lots of inspiring words from among others Commissioner Tibor Navracsics. It was clear that the message was important to everyone, however there was only one that could take home the coveted title in each category.
Chosen on their commitment to promoting sport and well-being in their communities and organisations a high-level jury chose the following winners:

Education Award winner

Jyranko School has encouraged children to participate in physical activities through modifying school schedule to incorporate breaks of 30 and 40 minutes in the middle of the
day. The model is based on active participation of pupils in planning of the different sports. It adapts to the school periods to suit children's habits to be active throughout the day.

Workplace Award winner

Davo is a small IT company where employees used to be sitting at their desk most of the time, and it now strives towards being a healthy sport minded company. Simple things were introduced to encourage a more active lifestyle at work, such as placing water fountains, printing machine far away, active team building days or ban on more than 30 minutes sitting. Half of the employees changed habits as the project was tailored to their needs. Employees now also organise these cost-effective initiatives and activities on their own.

Local Hero Award winner

Corinna organises since 2013 charity runs (Race for Survival), an initiative against breast cancer already form diagnosis throughout rehabilitation. She also organises awareness raising campaigns in companies and health days promoting healthy diet and lifestyle. It is targeting general public, with focus on ill people and their environment.


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