Take the #BeActive Challenge


We’re challenging all of Europe to #BeActive, and prove it with photos and videos on social media. We want to see you running, jumping, skipping and everything in between. And we’re awarding prizes too for the best posts.

More information coming soon.

  1. Take a photo or video while you’re being active.
  2. Use the #BeActive hashtag on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  3. Challenge your friends to #BeActive too.
  4. See if you’re a winner.

5 ways to #BeActive at work


  1. Take the stairs instead of the lift
  2. Cycle or walk to work
  3. Have walking meetings
  4. Try a standing desk
  5. Start an office fitness group

Get friendly

Sport is way more fun with friends. And you’re also more likely to be – and stay – active together. Go for it!