Shaping the new generation of Active Kids

How can schools change the present trajectory of inactive kids? How can we encourage schools to embrace the importance of PA? Which myths keep schools from doing so? What key and easy incentives can help schools become Active Schools?

Getting Europe’s most inactive country to #BeActive

Begach Running Club is committed to getting more Bulgarians to become runners. By inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to get moving, it helps tackle Bulgaria’s alarmingly low levels of participation in sport. 


Sport and Citizenship’s Laurent Thieule: We can change the debate on fitness and health

Sport is not just about keeping fit and healthy, it is also about bringing communities together. From football and athletics to judo and skiing, these are activities that help build bonds and forge societies, according to Laurent Thieule, who runs the Sport and Citizenship think tank. He explains here how sports research can help find the most effective ways of encouraging physical activity.




How Special Olympics changed the life of an 18-year-old Iraqi refugee

Special Olympics has a simple mission to use sport to transform the lives of those who risk social marginalisation. As part of its commitment to empower people with intellectual disabilities, the organisation is working with young refugees, a group that faces risk of stigmatisation and exploitation.

Why Kris Saunders-Stowe is a role model

Kris Saunders-Stowe is a qualified fitness instructor and founder of hugely successful ‘Wheely Good Fitness’. He is also a motivational speaker, encouraging people to change the way they think about disability and fitness. This is Kris’s incredible story of resolution and dedication.

Nike: “Kids are made to play.”

Dan Burrows, Senior Director of Community Impact EMEA for Nike, is passionate about getting kids moving. He took time out from the European Week of Sport to share why Nike is committed to Made to Play, its ongoing efforts to get kids active through play and sport, and how the company is working with partners to inspire more active lives for the next generation.

Icehearts transforms the lives of vulnerable children in Finland

Finnish social worker Ville Turkka was a promising ice hockey player as a child. Despite his love for the game, he was frustrated by the way senior coaches treated children unequally. Back then, he made a promise to himself that as an adult he would always treat children with the utmost respect.

The golfing stars supporting the #BeActive campaign

The golfing stars of this year’s Ladies European Tour are supporting the #BeActive campaign and encouraging people to get moving. They reveal why sport is so important to them and share some of the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.


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