This day served as the perfect launching point to start our campaign, as the Olympics and Olympians are both universal symbols for physical activity and the very best of what sport has to offer to society.


Olympic Day is a global celebration of the founding of the International Olympic Committee and the modern Olympic Movement by Pierre de Coubertain in 1894. More than that, though, it is a day for the entire world to get active and learn more about Olympic values.


There are three pillars that Olympic Day emphasises: move, learn, and discover. Through these messages, sports organisations today are promoting the benefits of physical exercise, inspiring people to get active and enabling them to discover new sports while embracing the Olympic ideals regardless of ability or background.


The European Week of Sport and the IOC share a similar key objective: to promote sport and physical activity across Europe. This is why the organisations are a perfect fit together, and why Olympic Day represented the perfecting start point for the 2017 #BeActive campaign.   


Banner image: © EDEKA


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