Our Ambassadors are some of the finest athletes in the world, and have accepted the challenge and responsibility to do their part in the fight against inactivity in Europe.  

"We can use sport as a tool for education but also as a tool for integration,”

said Christian Karembeu, a current ambassador and former World Cup Champion.


At the meeting, all Ambassadors present received a certificate, which will serve as a reminder of their importance in encouraging the many that look up to them to be active. There were plenty of productive discussions and ideas brought up, including personal testimonials that resonated with all who were there.  

“Ambassadors play an important role in motivating people to be active,” said Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Tibor Navracsics. “Together we can make the European Week of Sport even bigger and better!”

That’s not to say there wasn’t a little fun to be had, though. Several Ambassadors were stumped by the #BeActive Language Challenge, while others showed off their skills during the two days. 

A full recap of the two days has been Storify’ed here.


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