Created by the World Heart Federation (WHF), World Heart Day raises awareness of the fight against cardiovascular disease (CVD) and promotes the importance of a heart-healthy lifestyle.

This year, iconic venues including the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, Table Mountain in South Africa, the Nasdaq screen in Times Square, the Singapore Flyer and the Sky Tower in New Zealand were illuminated red to mark the day.

CVD claims 17.5 million lives a year and this figure is expected to rise to 23 million by 2030. One in ten people in the world aged 30-70 die prematurely from CVD, including heart disease and stroke.

At least 80% of these premature deaths could be avoided, and World Heart Day aims to ensure this. On September 29, people across the globe are urged to take action and make small changes to their lifestyles that can dramatically improve their heart health.

The football stars supporting World Heart DayPhoto: The football stars supporting World Heart Day

Professor David Wood, Cardiologist and President of the World Heart Federation explains: “We cannot underestimate the global importance of good heart health - 31% of all deaths worldwide are from CVD. World Heart Day is our chance to bring people together to tackle the world’s biggest killer and urge more people across the globe to improve their heart health. The power to change is in our hands. Making lifestyle changes such as eating more fruit and vegetables, keeping active and stopping smoking can save millions of lives.”

For more information on social media, follow @worldheartfedYou can also see how heart smart you are by taking the Heart IQ test.


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