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European Week of Sport in Denmark will take place over the official dates of the European Week of Sport, 23-30 September 2018. Some events held earlier in September and until 15 October 2018 will also be included in the 2018 campaign.
"This year ISCA is aiming to build on the momentum of earlier editions and increase the institutional and political awareness of the European Week of Sport to have a stronger and longer-lasting fundament for the Week. We are also excited to see the first #BeActive night held in Aarhus by our largest Danish sport for all member, DGI." ISCA Secretary General Jacob Schouenborg
Name of the eventDateLocationOrganisersDescriptionWebsite
Margueritløbet 2018 Sun, 23/09 - 11:00 40 locations across Denmark Politiken newspaper, Coop and Bevæg dig for Livet This running event is a combined series of 40 local runs, all connected via the Danish picturesque outdoor routes called “Margueritruten”.
#BeActive Night Aarhus Sat, 22/09 - 18:00 Aarhus DGI Østjylland, Aarhus Capital of Volunteering 2018, ISCA Up to 10 night event concepts and idea catalogues will be compiled and promoted. In collaboration with the street sport events Happy Moves (see above), also street sport activities will be on offer, and we will initiate a micro-funding scheme to support the local organisers with materials and co-funding for their night activities.
Copenhagen Half Marathon Sun, 16/09 - 11:15 Copenhagen Danish Athletics Federation, Sparta Athletics and Running The fourth Copenhagen Half Marathon commences and finishes on Øster Allé, in the midst of the big city park Fælledparken in Copenhagen. The mixed gender elite race begins concurrently with the mass participation race at 11:15 am. Up to 25,000 participants will take part.
Copenhagen Runners High Sun, 30/09 - 11:00 Konditaget Lüders, Nordhavn, Copenhagen Copenhagen Runners High and Din Træning A 7km, 24 metre race to the top of Konditaget Lüders (an undercover parking lot) for recreational runners who want to add an extra few degrees of difficulty to their fun run. Participants will climb 136 steps to the top of this unique open sports facility.
Day of Nature Sun, 09/09 - 08:00 Across Denmark Danish Outdoor Council The Danish Day of Nature is especially for children and their families to explore the great outdoors. This year's theme is "moving in the nature", so children are encouraged to climb up and down hills, in trees and observe how nature moves or stays still.
#BeActive day of teamsports and health Sat, 22/09 - 11:00 TBD Copenhagen Centre for Ballgames and Health, DGI, DIF This will be a day of open demonstrational event, with a number of different ball games represented. However, the primary focus is on the ball games that are the most popular in Denmark: Football, Handball and Floorball. The day will attract both citizens and major Danish stakeholders in the sport sector, and will be a showcase of the most recent research and practical applications of new, yet familiar, activities that intend to get more citizens active and healthy.
Danish Ramblers’ Association #BeActive Walks Sun, 23/09 - 09:00 to Sun, 30/09 - 16:00 Several locations around Denmark Danish Ramblers’ Association and local clubs Dedicated #BeActive walks for the European Week of Sport by the local members of the Danish Ramblers’ Association. Different clubs around the country will partake in their own walks, encouraging more people to enjoy scenic routes through the countryside, getting active and healthy in a fun way that – weather permitting – should not feel like hard work!
Bike & Run Sat, 22/09 - 10:00 Roskilde Danish Federation for Company Sport Bike & Run events, which are relays for teams of five people from the same company, who will combine to compete together complete a marathon distance combining cycling and running. The main event will be in Roskilde on 22 September 2018.
Xtreme Mandehørm Odense Sat, 22/09 - 14:00 FKS Hallen, Odense Danish Federation for Company Sport “Xtreme Mandehørm”, comprises several men-only obstacle course races, that promote masculinity and mud with a tongue firmly in cheek. This event is taking place in Odense on 22 September and another in Slagelse on 29 September.
Xtreme Mandhørm Slagelse Sat, 29/09 - 13:00 Antvorskov Kasserne, Slagelse Danish Federation for Company Sport “Xtreme Mandehørm”, comprises several men-only obstacle course races, that promote masculinity and mud with a tongue firmly in cheek. This event is taking place in Slagelse on 29 September and another in Odense on 22 September.
Count Your Steps Mon, 03/09 - 09:00 to Sun, 16/09 - 23:00 Across Denmark Danish Federation for Company Sport “Count your steps” campaigns will run in September 2018 and be included in the #BeActive messaging. This campaign will encourage people to move more in their week while realizing that just small changes can make a big difference to their health and fitness levels.
Workplace Fitness Day Fri, 12/10 - 09:00 Across Denmark Danish Federation for Company Sport “Workplace fitness day” (Arbejdspladsernes Motionsdag) on 12 October, is a day that will get employees around the country moving! Colleagues will move together in fun ways to bring smiles to the office, and hopefully encourage more people to get active on a daily basis.
National Danish Performance Team Workshops Sun, 23/09 - 09:00 to Sun, 30/09 - 17:00 Various locations TBD National Danish Performance Team, ISCA #BeActive branding of shows and workshops in Denmark, where the youth National Gymnastics team will help encourage people to get active, stopping off back in Denmark during their world tour. In addition to a potential shared work on a shared choreography to promote active lifestyles and #BeActive, they will also perform to inspire a next generation.