#BeActive awards

There were three awards up for grabs in 2017: the education, workplace and local hero awards. We chose a total of nine nominees based on their commitment to promoting sport and wellbeing in their communities and organisations.

The #BeActive jury consisted of Deputy Director General Jens Nymand Christensen, Nadine Kessler of UEFA, Member of the European Parliament Santiago Fisas, and ultrarunner and #BeActive Ambassador Ralph Mesquita. The Jury faced the difficult task of choosing three winners from the nine nominees ahead of the Awards Gala in Marseille.


2017 European Capital of Sport Marseille hosted the Awards Gala. On 11 October, #BeActive nominees, ambassadors and supporters gathered to recognise outstanding commitments to the #BeActive campaign.

The Awards Gala showcased the very best in promoting an active lifestyle in Europe, and a wave of cheers spread throughout the Stade Orange Vélodrome in Marseille and across Europe for our award winners.




Colegio Público Miguel de Cervantes has won the 2017 #BeActive Education Award, thanks to its outstanding efforts in promoting sport and physical activity in an educational environment.

Colegio Público Miguel de Cervantes fulfilled all of the criteria. Staff members circulated a survey among their students and discovered that the pupils were not doing enough physical activity. In response, they came up with many ways for the children to be more active. They are fostering an inclusive environment by providing access to children from less privileged backgrounds and of different nationalities. They sought sponsors to raise extra revenues, and ran a great event called “Duathlon”, which involved the entire community.




UAB Eugesta has won the 2017 #BeActive Workplace Award in tribute to outstanding efforts in inspiring employees to be active.

UAB Eugesta enables its employees to be more physically active. Not only does the company provide its employees with the equipment they need to be physically active in the workplace, it also sponsors their participation in marathons and other organised sport events.




Jorge Pina has won the 2017 #BeActive Local Hero Award for his outstanding commitment to promoting sport and physical activity at local levels.​

“I was blind, now I see.” Ex-boxer Jorge Pina is blind, but that does not stop him from being physically active and inspiring young people to fulfil their potential.​


The following nominees all deserve recognition for their strong commitment to promoting sports and physical activities in their communities.

Education Nominee: Finland

Liikkuva Kalajoki/Kalajoki on the Move

Liikkuva Kalajoki impressed through its potential to inspire other schools. Its programme to encourage children to be active is well-organised and diverse. It can be replicated in other schools across Europe. They used their equipment creatively and in a cost-efficient manner. Their simple idea to organise activities in the school yard using different colours and surface materials was ingenious.

Education Nominee: Poland

Municipal Kindergarten no. 34 (Singing Kindergarden)

The scope and inclusiveness of Municipal Kindergarten no. 34’s (Singing Kindergarden) activities fully merited its nomination. We admired the school’s efforts to teach children about their local community, their region, and their history. The staff organises fun activities to get kids moving, and involved the elderly, families, law enforcement officials, and famous athletes!

Workplace Nominee: Slovenia


For more than 40 years Krka in Slovenia have prioritised the health of their employees. They founded their own sports club and encouraged employees to be active at every opportunity. We deeply respected their philanthropy in the community; they provide grants and sponsorships to local sports clubs.


University of Wuppertal, University Sport Department

The University of Wuppertal actively encourages its employees to do more physical activity and become healthier. To foster an active lifestyle among its workforce, the company gives its new employees gym bags filled with equipment. We respected the spirit of team culture the University encouraged; employees who were temporarily unable to participate in physical activity could still be part of the fun by cheering on their colleagues.


Kim Hall

Kim is the head coach behind a new chair-based gymnastics exercise programme designed to help those suffering from dementia. Through an adaptation of existing exercises, she has managed to bring back life and joy for dementia patients.


Patricia Buckley

Patricia is the Event Director at Castlerea parkrun, an initiative which has motivated people to change their lifestyles and take up running. Her parkrun initiatives have brought together the community and improved the quality of life for all the participants.


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