What is the EU's Role?

A key action in the Sport sector is to ensure the proper governance is in place to maintain transparency and fairness for all sportspeople and athletic organisations. Cross-border concerns such as doping and match-fixing are addressed alongside policies regulating team transfers, which must adhere to EU principles of equal treatment and free movement.

What is being done?

Objectives in this area include:

  • to raise the standards of governance in the sports sector to promote democracy, transparency, accountability
  • to combat match-fixing and promote the fair regulation of sport at all levels
  • to ensure the free movement of amateur and professional sportspeople in line with Internal Market principles
  • to develop rules on the transfer of players that preserve integrity and prevent exploitation

These priorities are broken down into four fields of action:

How is this being done?

The Erasmus+ programme, focuses heavily on the principles of fair play. It addresses threats to the integrity of European and global sport and promotes good governance.

Also key is cooperation between the EU and key international bodies such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Council of Europe to tackle cross-border issues such as gambling, corruption and match-fixing.