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Welcome to the 2019 #BeActive Awards

18 October, 2019
Budapest, Hungary

Budapest - 2019 European Capital of Sport

This year, Budapest offered a warm welcome by hosting an amazing Awards Gala. On 18 October 2019, #BeActive nominees, ambassadors and supporters gathered to recognise outstanding commitments to the #BeActive campaign. A high-level #BeActive jury chose a total of nine nominees based on their commitment to promoting sport and wellbeing in their communities and organisations. Click on the video to see the highlights!

Get ready to #BeActive!

The #BeActive Awards competition is a central part of our annual European Week of Sport. It has been created to support projects and individuals dedicated to the promotion of sport and physical activity across Europe. Following the last year's successes, the Commission is carrying on with the #BeActive Awards, to be handed-over in Budapest (2019 European Capital of Sport) on 18 October 2019. 

What are the Categories?

The three award categories are stable compared to last year:

  • the #BeActive Education Award
  • the #BeActive Workplace Award
  • the #BeActive Local Hero Award

The BeActive awards focus on building communities’ capacity to increase their physical activity.  They’re a celebration of extraordinary people, projects and individuals that support the mission statement of the European Week of Sport: for everyone to be and stay active.  

Meet this year's nominees!

#BeActive Education Award

This award aims to demonstrate how education can encourage kids to #BeActive outside the typical sport/physical activity that takes place in a normal school day.

This year’s nominees are:

  • Ekholmintie Day Care Center (Finland)
  • Schools in Motion (Estonia)
  • 1899 Gengenbach e. V (Germany)

#BeActive Workplace Award

This award celebrates exemplary activities in the workplace that encourage employees to #BeActive.

This year’s nominees are:

  • MRE Bethesda Children’s Hospital (Hungary)
  • Sport Malta (Malta)
  • Talum (Slovenia)

#BeActive Local Hero Award

The award recognises individuals who have worked consistently to promote participation in sport and/or physical activity in their local community.

This year’s nominees are:

  • Amal Amjahid (Belgium)
  • Vladmir Vsivtsev (Estonia)
  • Nora Kadar-papp (Hungary)

And the winners are...

This year's winners once again showed what it means to be an inspiration to others! An Estonian school exercise programme, a Maltese sport calendar for employees and a Hungarian pioneer of post-pregnancy physical recuperation took the top spots at the 2019 #BeActive awards in Budapest.

  • The #BeActive Education Award - awarding exemplary sport projects outside the standard school setting - was won by Estonia’s Schools in Motion. This wonderful programme promoted holistic school culture based on physical activity – including active indoor/outdoor travel time during lessons and recess and regular, challenging activity via school events. Some 78 schools took part, with over 35,000 students participating
  • The #BeActive Workplace Award - which promotes active working environments - was won by Sport Malta for creating an updated calendar of events to help employees regularly participate in sport and increase their activity in the workplace.
  • The #BeActive Local Hero Award recognises those who increase community participation in sport. This year, it went to Hungarian Nóra Kádár-Papp – who started a free, self-help project for post-pregnancy physical and psychological recuperation in 2014. This project has grown to over 20,000 registered members!
18 Oct
#BeActive Session
18 Oct
Meeting on the “European Week of Sport 2019

Limited to National Coordinating Bodies and Partners

18 Oct

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest

18 Oct
EU Sport Seminar - Open to all guests
18 Oct
Evening social

Pre-gala drinks and networking

18 Oct
#BeActive awards gala

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17-19 October, 2019


Budapest, Erzsébet tér 7, 1051 Hungary


Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest