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Results published: 'Grassroots sport programmes and infrastructure innovation' (EAC/S09/2020)

Five projects were selected after responding to the call for proposals EAC/S09/2020 on 'Grassroots sport programmes and infrastructure innovation'.
Published 21 October 2020

Source: European Union 2020

This action seeks to give the opportunity to sport organisations to develop and promote new forms of practicing sport and physical activity through the adaptation of infrastructure and/or the offer of sport activities and programmes.

In total, 141 applications were received.

The practice of sport and physical activity in Europe traditionally takes place in the framework of sport clubs and organisations. These traditional structures organise sport practices in accordance with stable rules ('the rules of the game').

Individual needs and preferences regarding sport are rapidly evolving. There is a rising mismatch between the supply of sport via traditional sport organisations and the demand of individuals. To attract a new generation of athletes, sport federations, organisations and clubs should make the projects they offer more creative and innovative.

List of successful applicants proposed for funding – Call for proposals EAC/S09/2020

Title of the project Name of the applicant, (country) Amount requested in the application
FOOTLAB - the new, flexible way of playing football The Royal Dutch Football Association, (NL) €452 000
JUNGLE ATHLETICS Royal Spanish Athletic Federation - Youth Committee, (ES) €300 000
Sport goes digital - To break new molds for the sports in the Rhein-Erft-Kreis Kreissportbund Rhein-Erft e.V, (DE) €430 449.60
Generation Fit Klub sportske rekreacije Amika centri, (HR) €43 728.80
Come and Play 4.0 Sport Club Comac Sport, (BG) €131 840