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New study on Safeguarding Children in Sport

The study highlights the importance of ensuring adequate safeguards for preventing children from being harmed and bullied, as well as for promoting positive experiences through sport.
Published 17 October 2019

We should provide a safe sporting environment for all children

The topic of safe sport, and safe sport for children in particular, has gained significant attention in recent years. Millions of children across the EU participate in different sport activities on a regular basis. There is widespread evidence on the positive benefits of regular sport participation for children such as improved physical and mental wellbeing, personal and educational development and social inclusion. However, recent cases of violence against children in the media have highlighted the importance of implementing adequate safeguarding procedures to reduce the risks of children being harmed.

This study provides a mapping of initiatives in the EU and includes a series of best practice examples at national and international level.

Read the full study, available from the EU publications website: Safeguarding Children in Sport