The Commission has published a review of sport and corruption across European Union (EU) Member States.

Recent high-profile cases of corruption in sport have shown the damage corruption cases can cause to sport’s reputation for integrity and fair play. These cases have ranged from non-profit community-based activities to high-profile international events. In addition to ‘normative’ modes of corruption, sport suffers from match fixing, spot fixing and doping – which are unique to the industry. The complex and multidimensional nature of corruption in sport has created significant challenges for sport management and policy makers; in particular, in identifying the source of these issues, and thereby and developing solutions for safeguarding integrity of sport.

The need to tackle corruption in sport is an important element of the EU’s policy on sport integrity. The ‘rapid’ literature review undertaken for this study has shown that –   - despite adopting a broad definition of corruption in setting the parameters of the research, the vast majority of cases identified from recent years in the sample countries were identified as either doping or match fixing cases.

Studies such as these highlight the importance of fairness in sporting proceedings – not only to create an exciting event, but to ensure access to sport remains a level playing field, and free to all.