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Coaching: a pillar of sports education

Quality coaching plays a central role in ensuring the correct development of sports skills and can help determine if an athlete pursues a professional career in sports. The role of coaches in sport and in society at large is one of the priorities of the Estonian Presidency.  

Pro Safe Sport

Safeguarding young people in sport

Sport is the most popular activity undertaken by children and young people in every European member state, however, young athletes can be very vulnerable.

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Sport + adult education = health and inclusion

When sport and adult education are combined, great results can be achieved. Erasmus+ projects are studying and testing this combination with refugees, prisoners, mentally handicapped people and senior citizens.

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Celebrating the power of sport

Sport is fun, exciting and brings people together. It is based on fairness and respect - playing a vital role not only in individual health and fitness, but in shaping our wider European society. Erasmus+ sport supports young athletes and promotes social inclusion - and there are new funding opportunities lining up!

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Sport: a small but very active part of Erasmus+

Sport might not be the best-known part of the Erasmus+ programme, but it is a very dynamic one. Since 2014, almost 400 grants have been awarded in priority areas for Erasmus+ Sport. The programme supports various activities such as collaborative partnerships - including on a small scale since 2016 - and European not-for-profit sport events.

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SPEED: A new approach to sport education

There is an ever-increasing recognition that sport can play a major role in boosting the well-being of individuals and fostering socio-economic development. With this comes a new approach to the way universities teach in this sports sector. Learn more about what the SPEED project has achieved!

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Old and young play and learn games together

10,000 people, 123 stories, 50 exhibits and 20 workshops, a five-day festival with 10,000 people... These are just some of the ways in which Europe is our Playground introduced young and old people to the joys of traditional outdoor games.