Athletes' mobility is one of the most obvious elements in the sport world: athletes train and compete in various countries. Erasmus+ Sport offers an additional dimension of the freedom of movement in sports through exchange of volunteers, coaches, managers and staff in non-profit organisations.

Such exchanges happen within the framework of small collaborative partnerships made up of at least 3 organisations from three Programme countries, with a maximum grant of €60,000. This type of partnership was introduced in 2016 and amongst 60 small collaborative partnerships, eight mobility projects were selected for funding.

Sport has its own significant contribution to the freedom of movement - Jean-Marc Bosman, a footballer who brought his case to the European Court of Justice and won in 1995, set a precedent for footballers wishing to play in another European country which continues to this day. Indeed, more and more athletes have an international CV, including studying and training in different countries.

Volunteers, coaches, managers and staff from non-profit organisations, although very important for athletes, often have fewer opportunities to travel and learn from their peers abroad. The idea was to support their mobility by allowing them to meet with colleagues from other countries to exchange good practices and ideas. Such a mobility exercise can be done within small collaborative partnerships, built of at least three organisations from three different programme countries. This topic was already present in the 2013 preparatory actions: the European Partnership on Sport saw six such projects selected in 2013 and successfully finished in 2015.

These success stories encouraged the Commission to introduce this topic as a strand of small partnerships in 2016, when eight such mobility projects from various countries were selected for funding. In 2017, this option remains open to applicants through the new calls for action starting in 2018.

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