15 selected members with different backgrounds (former athletes, academics, representatives of think thanks and media, personalities having exercised high-level responsibilities in the field of sport, representatives of major sport organisations, etc.) are invited to prepare recommendations addressed to the Commission by the end of June 2016.

Commissioner Navracsics informed about his priorities in the field of sport and highlighted the potential of sport to bring people together, to generate a sense of common purpose and build communities.

During this first meeting, Pál Schmitt was elected as a chairperson of the group. His work will be supported by two rapporteurs Valérie Fourneyron and Thierry Zintz.

Introductory lectures were delivered by Alexandre Husting, who focused his presentation on the general concept of sport diplomacy and raised questions regarding the relations with autonomy of sport and EU foreign policy and Youcef Fates, who highlighted the relation between citizenship, education, health and sport in developing countries.

Commissioner Navaracsics

The main discussion focused on how can the EU promote sport at international level and in which way can sport help promoting EU policies and values at international level.

The members underlined the importance to promote EU values through sport, the cooperation between public authorities and sports organisations and the use of major sport events as a part of sport diplomacy concept.

The next meeting of the High Level Group will take place on 4 December in Brussels.