The European Commission supported and closely cooperated with the World Health Organization in the preparation and issuing of these country-specific overviews on the state of and trends in health-enhancing physical activity.

This cooperation is part of the implementation of the Council Recommendation on promoting health-enhancing physical activity across sectors from November 2013.

These fact sheets give an overview of information on selected physical activity indicators in line with the EU Physical Activity Guidelines   , in the 28 EU countries.

Key findings include data on the numbers of adults and young people reaching the levels of physical activity recommended by the World Health Organization and a confirmation of the excessive levels of physical inactivity across Europe.

An EU-wide overview detailing the method followed has been released together with the country factsheets.

The primary source of information for all the indicators was the national focal points on physical activity established in the context of the Council Recommendation.

Country factsheets

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Belgium Finland Latvia Romania
Bulgaria France Lithuania Slovakia
Croatia Germany Luxembourg Slovenia
Cyprus Greece Malta Spain
Czech Republic Hungary Netherlands Sweden
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