After an open selection process, 30 members, 15 for each group, have been designated to participate in the work. Members selected include active and former athletes, academics, representatives of think thanks and media, personalities having exercised high-level responsibilities in the field of sport, representatives of major sport organisations, etc.

The aim of the sport diplomacy group will be to assess the value of sport in EU external policies, and in public diplomacy in particular. It will identify how sport can help the EU reach its external political ambitions (e.g. fostering relations with partner countries) and be an element of dialogue with third countries and regions as part of EU public diplomacy.

The aim of the grassroots sport group will be to evaluate the place and role of grassroots sport in European society and provide ideas on how the EU could better support grassroots sport. It will also analyse the role of grassroots sport in the promotion of tolerance and social inclusion.

Each of the groups has been asked to produce a report and a set of recommendations before summer 2016.

See below for the full list of members of the High-Level Groups: