The Expert Group on Sport, Health and Participation (XG SHP) is mandated by the Council to explore ways to promote health-enhancing physical activity and participation in grassroots sport and to identify respective measures by mid-2013. In its work schedule, the Group agreed on five deliverables to fulfil its mandate. The Group's fourth meeting was mainly devoted to the preparation of deliverable 4 (Input for the next Eurobarometer on sport and physical activity) and deliverable 5 (Proposals for future EU level work in the field of HEPA promotion). 06/02/2013 - Brussels - 4th meeting report

The Expert Group on Sport Statistics (XG STAT) is mandated by the Council to recommend ways to promote data collection to measure the economic benefits of the EU sport sector. The Group's fourth meeting mainly focused on the preparation of deliverable 3 (Policy recommendations based on the study on a possible future sport monitoring function in the EU, including a progress report on national SSAs and proposals for future EU level work in the field of sport statistics). 25-26/02/2013 - Warsaw - 4th meeting report