which was created in 2011 on the basis of the EU Work Plan for Sport, approved by the Council in May 2011.

The first EU contribution was based upon the existing Code 2009, while the second EU contribution included comments on the draft Code 2015 (v. 1.0) which had been circulated online in June 2012, as well as comments on the various existing International Standards. This third EU contribution includes comments on the draft Code 2015 (v. 2.0) which was circulated online on 1 December 2012, together with comments on certain International Standards (v. 1.0) which were circulated at the same time. It aims to take stock of the progress made, to put the EU's satisfaction with improvements made on record and also to reiterate certain positions when necessary.

Council press release (see p. 20)

Text of the 2nd EU contribution

European Union Work Plan for Sport for 2011-2014

Revision of the World Anti-Doping Code

Report from the 3rd meeting XG AD, Brussels January 2013