In 2012, 76 applications were received, of which 31 were ineligible. Among the eligible applications:

  • 7 were for the 'fight against match-fixing',
  • 14 were for the 'promotion of physical activity supporting active ageing',
  • 10 concerned 'awareness-raising about effective ways of promoting sport at municipal level',
  • 14 related to 'trans-frontier joint grassroots sport competitions in neighbouring regions and Member States'.

Applications were evaluated according to the eligibility, selection and award criteria detailed in the text of the call for proposals. Following this evaluation, the Commission decided to finance a total of 20 projects for a total of €3,200,000 outlined below.

See also 2013 Preparatory Action Projects

Fight against match-fixing:

Keep rugby onside: promoting integrity in rugby

Reference: EAC/S06/2012/009 - Description of project

Maximum grant: €60,000

Coordinator:International Rugby Board (IRB)


  • Fédération Internationale de Rugby Amateur - Association Européenne de Rugby (FIRA-AER)
  • Fédération française de Rugby (FFR)
  • Nederlandse Rugby Bond (NRB)
  • Federação Portuguesa de Rugby (FPR)
  • Deutscher Rugby Verband (DRV)
  • Ceská Rugbyová Unie (CSRU)

Private third parties: Six Nations Ltd. Ireland