European values such as tolerance, integration and intercultural dialogue. At the same time, in some cases sport clubs can also be a favourable environment to proselytize vulnerable youngsters. Local actors are usually best placed to prevent and detect radicalisation both in the short-term and the long-term.

In view of this background, this Pilot Project will support bottom-up sport-related projects targeting young people who are considered at risk of radicalisation.

Projects should aim at teaching essential skills such as social and communicative competences, critical thinking and problem solving, that can help youngsters at the margin of societies to feel reengaged into society.


List of selected projects (document also covers EAC/S16/2017)


The documents relating to this call for proposals are available below, or in a .zip file with all available language versions of all files:

Please note that an updated version of the English Call for Proposals "Specifications" is now available. The update concerns section 6.1 – Eligible applicants.

It specifically refers to UK applicants. All the other sections remain unchanged.