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The EU Conference on Gender Equality in Sport took place in Vilnius on 3-4 December 2013 at the initiative of Commissioner Vassiliou. It involved 120 experts from sport organisations and governments and secured wide-ranging commitment and support for concrete actions on equality between women and men in sport.

Call for Strategic Actions

Two panel debates and seven successful interactive workshops discussed objectives for the future and several actions proposed by a group of experts. The discussions led to the Vilnius Call for Strategic Actions in the field of gender equality in sport at national and European level.

The topics discussed included the representation of women in executive boards and coaching positions, the fight against sexualised violence and negative gender stereotypes in sport and mainstreaming gender in other policies and programmes.

Committment to Action

In the panel debates, the International Paralympic Committee president Sir Philip Craven, the IOC member Marisol Casado, the UEFA women football committee member Clémence Ross, the Lithuanian NOC president Daina Gudzinevičiūtė, ENGSO president Birgitta Kervinen and IWG co-chair Raija Mattila expressed their commitment for strategic actions.

Council of Europe director Marja Ruotanen called for further cooperation at European level and expressed the support of her institution. Kyriakki Giannakidou informed the audience that gender equality is a priority during the current Greek Presidency of the EU and that they plan to adopt Council conclusions on gender equality in sport in May 2014.


The conclusions of the conference will be included in a final proposal of the Group of experts and addressed to the European Commission and the Greek Presidency. The proposal will also be sent to all participants of the conference, the sport movement and the Member States. It will contribute to define political priorities at national and European level. Concrete measures could also be implemented in the framework of the EU funding programme Erasmus+: Sport   , as well as the future EU Work Plan for Sport.

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