In the 2011 Communication "Developing the European Dimension in Sport ", the European Commission underscored the importance of dual careers of athletes.

Working on the mandate of the Council (i.e. the EU Work Plan for Sport 2011-2014 ), the Expert Group on Education and Training in Sport developed EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes. The Guidelines invite Member States and stakeholders in sport at national level and the EU to improve the opportunities for the combination of study or work and sport career of athletes across the EU.

Based on these Guidelines, the Council adopted Conclusions on dual careers of athletes on 17 May 2013, wherein it calls upon Member States and the European Commission to take various types of action within their respective fields of competence.

On this basis, the European Commission has launched an invitation to tender for a study on the minimum quality requirements for dual career services (to be awarded by open procedure).

This invitation to tender follows the contract notice published in the supplement to the Official Journal on 09/07/2014.


Invitation to tenderpdf(30 kB)

Specificationspdf(101 kB)

Annex 1: Information concerning the tenderer:

Annex 2: Declaration of honour on exclusion criteria and absence of conflict of interest: 

Annex 3: Analysis of the economic and financial capacity:

Annex 4: Price (estimated price breakdown):

Annex 5: Draft Service contractpdf(143 kB)

Annex 6: Standard study template:



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