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Unemployment benefits

Estonian national able claim unemployment benefits

An Estonian national had worked in Cyprus for 2 years – but regularly went back to Estonia where she lived.

When her contract ended, she decided to apply for unemployment benefits in Estonia.

Before leaving, she asked the Cypriot authorities to issue the document stating the periods when she'd contributed to unemployment insurance there, so her entitlement to Cypriot benefits could be calculated.

Four months after her application, the Cypriot authorities had not replied and she was not getting any unemployment benefits.

Following SOLVIT’s intervention the Cypriot authorities sent the document to the Estonian authorities, who were then able to calculate and pay the right unemployment benefits.

Solved within 6 weeks.

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Polish national receives arrears on unemployment benefits

A Polish national worked in the UK for 7 years and when she became unemployed she registered for jobseeker’s allowance.

Soon after, she decided to move to Cyprus with her Cypriot husband and her baby.

On arriving in Cyprus, she registered with the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance and started working in Cyprus.

She was paid only 3 weeks' worth of unemployment benefits from the UK, but she was entitled to more.

With SOLVIT’s intervention, her entitlement to more unemployment benefit was recognised and the arrears were paid.

Solved within 2 weeks.

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