European Vocational Skills Week



Here you can view webinars about the Week and VET.

How to organise and promote your event


This webinar shared top tips on running an event as part of European Vocational Skills Week and how to promote your event/activity to the media and on social media. 

EU OECD Webinar series Relevance and Innovation

OECD webinar image

This webinar focused on how to design relevant and innovative adult learning provision. It featured guest speakers Melissa Jones, Senior Director for Learning at General Assembly who spoke about her experience of designing curriculum and instruction for this pioneering learning provide, and Björn Schulz, Head of Department at the education provider Arbeit und Leben DGB/VHS Berlin Brandenburg.


EU OECD Webinar series Partnership and Financing in Adult Learning

This webinar focused on lessons learnt in setting up effective partnerships and financing mechanisms to deliver high quality adult learning.