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#DiscoverYourTalent | 5-9 November 2018

Success Stories

Vocational education and training can take different form and routes. It can cover a vast range of skills from design clothes to developing apps. It offers chance for a fresh beginning or opportunities to turn one's creative skills or hobby into a thriving business. Erasmus+ and European Social Fund help everyday thousands of people to transform their lives though VET.


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Our Success Stories

Watch our video showreel of skills successes and browse real life stories from our selection of inspiring EU projects...

20 Nov 2017
Getting her life into shape

Sheena, an early school leaver from Ireland, wanted a better future. A sports-based training course and vocational qualification opened up a new world of possibilities.

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20 Nov 2017
Bad boys get baking

An ESF-funded bakery project in the UK is helping prison inmates to gain new skills and find work after their sentences have ended.

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Latest Activity

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