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The Week

#DiscoverYourTalent | 5-9 November 2018

Success stories

European programmes like Erasmus+ and the European Social Fund are helping thousands of young people to transform their lives through vocational education and training. Read their stories and be inspired!


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Tell us your story about vocational education and training and inspire others

Inspire fellow learners with your personal story about vocational education and training (VET).

By sharing your story, you will help to raise awareness of the wealth of opportunities available through VET. For example, you could write about a traineeship that helped you unlock your professional potential or a course that helped you stay up to date with new developments, or about how you reskilled to take up a new profession.

Simply complete the form below to share your story. Feel free to include a picture or video that represents your VET journey. Our team will then review your story and may contact you for more information

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Latest Activity

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