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#DiscoverYourTalent | 5-9 November 2018

European Vocational Skills Week App


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Check out the new European Vocational Skills Week app!

The European Commission has launched a must-have mobile app for anyone attending the European Vocational Skills Week events in Brussels this November.

The app is available for iOS and Android and has a lot of practical information and many useful tools at your fingertips, including:

  • The European Vocational Skills Week agenda
  • Twitter Wall where you can easily follow social media post with #DiscoverYourTalent and #EUVocationalskills
  • Wall of Ideas where participants can publish their thoughts during the events
  • List of event speakers
  • List of other people using the app
  • Practical information, like floor plans and the weather forecast


Once installed, the app allows you to create a profile with some information about yourself, like your name, occupation and professional interests. The app even has a ‘matchmaking’ function to connect employers and training providers with potential employees or people who want to learn new skills.

Download the app to make your experience during the European Vocational Skills Week 2017 even better!

Download the EVSW app for Android

Download the EVSW app for iOS

For those attendees who don’t have an iPhone or Android phone we provide our Web App

Latest Activity

Latest Activity

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