European Vocational Skills Week

Awards for VET Excellence 2019


European Vocational Skills Week 2019

The Awards for VET Excellence

Vocational Education and Training (VET) excellence can be showcased by recognising committed people, organisations and outstanding projects. The awards during the previous European Vocational Skills Weeks were one of the real highlights. The fourth European Vocational Skills Week will once again include a Nominees Awards Celebration event. The event will be held in Helsinki on 17 October in the presence of Marianne Thyssen, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility.  

The award-giving encompasses the following:

  • Recognises excellence;
  • Provides visibility and recognition for good work done;
  • Motivates those taking part, whether individuals or organisations;
  • Enables the building of networks and new career opportunities;
  • Enables the winners to become ambassadors in their field of expertise;
  • Reaches out to citizens through online voting.


Who can take part?

All award categories address specific target groups or are closed competitions. To take part in one of the open competitions, please consult the links below.

How are the awards being organised?

This is how the awards will be organised:

  • A jury of independent members will be established in each category. The various juries will each identify 2 nominees and indicate their respective winner.
  • A public online voting will be organised between 1 September and 15 October 2019.
  • The 2019 award winners will be selected through a mix of votes from the jury, and the general public, both results weighting 50%.
  • The pre-selections by the respective juries for most of the categories should be finalised before the summer. The final results will be revealed on the 17th of October during the Awards Nominees Celebration.

What are the award categories?


Companies and learners

European Alliance for Apprenticeships Awards


The awards aim at identifying excellence regarding the supply, quality, image and mobility of apprenticeships: it is open only for members of the 'European Alliance for Apprenticeships'.

It comprises 2 sub-categories of awards:

  • Companies (a) one large company, b) one small or medium-sized enterprise - SME (either through a direct pledge or via an intermediary body or supply chain),
  • Apprentices (if possible male and female).

Recommendations must be submitted on 15 June 2019 at the latest. More information:

Training at Work Award

The award aims at giving visibility to good practices of career-long professional learning in micro-, and small- and medium-sized enterprises in Europe. It will also inspire new practices and policies.

More information:

International skills competitions Award

This category recognises the exceptional performance of the European initial VET learner who attains the highest points in international skills competitions at WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan.

More information:

VET innovators

Innovative VET provider Award

This award aims to identify a European VET provider that has contributed to VET excellence through innovative practices: It is organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the expert group 'Platform of European Associations of VET providers'.

More information:

Teacher and Trainer Awards

This award aims to identify a VET teacher or trainer who has excelled in improving the VET learning experience or has contributed to innovative approaches to VET learning. This award is organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the Platform of EU Associations of VET providers, ETUCE and Obessu.

More information:

VET researchers Award

This award is open to young researchers (up to the age of 35), experienced researchers and intergenerational teams of young and experienced researchers with an outstanding research contribution in the field of diversity and inclusion in VET.  

More information:

The Entrepreneurial School Awards – TES

JA Europe

The TES (The Entrepreneurial School) award encourages vocational and academic schools to put more emphasis on teaching entrepreneurial skills as a way to better prepare young people for the jobs of tomorrow.

More information:

European funding for excellence

European Social Fund Award

Two VET/Adult Learning projects underlining the importance of European funding from the European Social Fund will be selected. The purpose of the award is to give visibility to excellent initiatives and practices in the area of education and training in initial VET as well as in continuing VET. This year, the focus will be on:

  • digitalisation
  • technological change

Closed competition.

Erasmus+ Awards

These awards draw public attention to the Erasmus+ Programme (as one of the EU’s flagship programmes) success stories within the Strategic Partnership projects in Vocational Education and Training. In 2019, the focus will be on:

  •  skills for the future
  •  social inclusion.

Closed competition.

European Agencies Awards

Cedefop Vocational Education and Training Photo Award

The Cedefop photo competition addresses VET learners across the EU. The purpose is to mobilise VET learners throughout Europe to showcase what VET means for them. The photos should tell a story, supported by a short narrative. Examples could be a group of learners in a VET institution presenting a project they have developed, photos of a mobility experience abroad as part of their VET training, photo stories in which learners show why VET is their choice, or photos of how VET has influenced their professional lives.

More information:

European Training Foundation (ETF) Entrepreneurship Award

Developing entrepreneurial mindsets is key in the drive to build more competitive and employable workforces. Therefore, the European Training Foundation is looking for good practice in developing entrepreneurship as a key competence. The call is open to all schools, universities and training centres (public or private) providing vocational education and training in ETF partner countries.

More information:

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