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Wiadomości 07/12/2012

New report shows recent developments in skills and labour demand during the recession

The overall labour demand is still affected by the recession, yet vacancies are hard to fill in the health, ICT, engineering, sales and finance sectors, the new European Vacancy and Recruitment Report says.

New report shows recent developments in skills and labour demand during the recession

This is the first of a set of biennial reports to be launched by the European Commission, focusing on labour demand and skills requirements, thus providing a better insight into the functioning of labour markets.

Some of the key findings in this edition:

  • The number of vacancies in 15 EU countries fell slightly in the first quarter of 2011. But there were still 12 million job-finders in the third quarter of 2011.
  • Private sector recruitment responded faster and stronger to the business cycle than the public sector, where austerity measures are growing.
  • Growth in major occupational groups (2007-2010) was strongest for a number of high skilled occupations, such as business professionals, some teaching occupations, health professionals, but also personal care and related workers and for a small number of elementary occupations.
  • Recent recruitment patterns reflect a trend of educational upgrading in general and rising skills requirements across all occupational groups.
  • However most people found a job in low to intermediate skilled services, such as shop salespersons, waiters, personal care workers, etc. due to high labour turnover.
  • Recruitment difficulties in certain areas exist in all countries independently of the labour market situation, including in Greece, Romania and Spain.
  • Bottleneck occupations with talent shortages are concentrated in the health (e.g. nursing and midwifery associate professionals and medical doctors), ICT (e.g. computing professionals) engineering (e.g. physical and engineering science technicians), sales (e.g. sales representatives) and finance (e.g. accountants) sectors.

The European Vacancy and Recruitment Report is one of the main information sources of the EU Skills Panorama.

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