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News 26/11/2020

EPIC publishes third annual thematic report on child and family policy developments in Europe during 2019

The European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) has published its third annual thematic report.

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This report provides an overview of child and family policy developments that occurred at the EU and Member State levels throughout 2019.

The EPIC annual thematic report provides an overview of policy developments

This year’s EPIC thematic report provides data on key trends in child wellbeing across the EU, with a reflection on policy developments and key challenges remaining. The report is aligned with the three pillars of the 2013 Recommendation on Investing in Children, as well as with three of the 20 principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights that are directly relevant to children and families.

The thematic report covers developments in specific policy areas:

  • Early childhood education and care (ECEC) provision
  • Family leave and actions designed to improve work-life balance
  • Social and income support and benefits for families
  • Children’s rights and participation in decision-making
  • Developments regarding children at risk of poverty, marginalisation and social exclusion

EPIC supports Member States to invest in children

EPIC is an evidence-based online platform that provides information about policies that support positive child development and wellbeing, and to provide resources for Member States to support the implementation of the 2013 Recommendation.

In addition to this annual thematic report, EPIC publishes a series of policy memos aimed at policymakers, researchers and practitioners which aim to provide short, accessible introductions about key topics in children’s wellbeing.

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