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News 06/11/2018

European Commission launches 18 month feasibility study on the Child Guarantee proposal

The Child Guarantee proposal, backed by the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats (S&D) in the European Parliament, would establish a commitment by Member States to tackle poverty and ensure access to critical services for children in vulnerable situations.

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The initiative was included in a 2015 resolution by the European Parliament which called for Member States to ‘introduce a child guarantee so that every child in poverty can have access to free healthcare, free education, free childcare, decent housing and adequate nutrition, as part of a European integrated plan to combat child poverty’.

The proposal follows the implementation of the Youth Guarantee, a current commitment by Member States to provide all young people under the age of 25 with a good quality offer of employment or continuing education within four months of entering the labour market. Activities towards this goal are supported by the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI), a € 8.8 billion financial resource comprised of dedicated funding and contributions from the European Support Fund (ESF).

The study will seek to assess the feasibility and added value of a Child Guarantee by studying whether a specific funding programme would contribute to better outcomes for children; map the situation of children across the EU, focusing in particular on children in institutional care, children of recent migrants or refugees; children with disabilities and children living in precarious family situations; and include an online consultation and focus group consultations with children.

The research will be carried out by a consortium including research consultancies Applica and the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER), Eurochild, and Save the Children. The study will aim to present final recommendations at a conference in early 2020, including more news items with a link to the study on the Europa Website.  

EU conference discusses how to make the Child Guarantee a reality

In addition to the launch of the study, a conference in Brussels was hosted on 26 September 2018 by the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats to discuss the current status of the Child Guarantee proposals. The conference, titled ‘Put an end to child poverty - Making the Child Guarantee a reality', focused on the importance of developing a decisive political action to lift children out of poverty. The opening session was led by Udo Bullmann, MEP and S&D President.

The first session focused on assessing the development of the Child Guarantee to the present day and its place in the next MFF 2021-2027. Speakers included: Brando Benifei MEP and S&D Shadow Rapporteur for ESF+, Daphne Ahrendt from Eurofound, Raquel Cortes Herrera from EC DG EMPL, Letizia Polizzi from Save the Children and Réka Tunyogi from Eurochild. The second session discussed the Child Guarantee as a long term investment for upward social convergence and provision of equal opportunities for all children. Speakers at the second session included Joanna Hofman, Research Leader at RAND Europe; Vilija Blinkeviciute, MEP and S&D spokesperson on the Child Guarantee; Alfred Grixti, of the Foundation for Social Welfare Services in Malta; and Yonnec Polet, Deputy Secretary General of the Party of European Socialists.

This news item was written for the European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC).

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