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News 03/01/2018

Multidimensional poverty in Europe: Call for abstracts

The Social Situation Monitor (SSM) team welcomes your abstract for an oral presentation at a SSM seminar that will take place in Brussels, between 12 and 16 March 2018 (depending on speakers’ availability).

Multidimensional poverty in Europe: Call for abstracts

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Focus on the seminar

The aim of the seminar will be to present and discuss the latest empirical research on multidimensional poverty in Europe. More specifically, we are looking for presentations exploring: 

  • Poverty according to different (at least two) dimensions, such as income, wealth and debt, consumption, material deprivation. 
  • Analyses as to how different groups compare in relation to these dimensions (e.g. by age, educational attainment, work status, Member State);
  • Implications of applying different methods (e.g. budget-based approaches, different criteria to establish poverty lines)

We welcome presentations based on large comparative datasets including, but not limited to, EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions, the Luxembourg Wealth Study and the European Household Finance and Consumption Survey. 

How to submit an abstract

Please send the following information to Arnaud Vaganay (a.vaganay@lse.ac.uk):

  • Full name, organisation and role of the speaker;
  • Abstract (maximum 500 words);  
  • Speaker’s biography (maximum 200 words); and 
  • Whether the abstract is based on published work (if so, please include the paper as part of your submission);
  • Availability between 12 and 16 March 2018 to present in Brussels.  

The preferred subject line for your email is “SSM Seminar – Multidimensional poverty – Abstract”. The deadline for submissions is Friday 19 January 2018. 

All abstracts will be reviewed by the SSM team, which includes representatives from the European Commission, LSE Enterprise and ICF Consulting. Abstracts will be assessed based on their quality and relevance to the work of the SSM team. 

Invited speakers will be given 20 minutes to present and 20 minutes to respond to questions from the audience. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered for one presenter per paper (in case of co-authored papers). 

The SSM seminar series 

SSM seminars are research seminars. Their aim is to provide a forum to discuss the theoretical, methodological and policy implications of the latest economic and social research. More specifically, SSM seminars aim to inform:

  • The economic and social analysis of the European Commission in general, and the Commission’s Employment and Social Developments in Europe review in particular.  
  • The economic and social analysis of the European Commission’s stakeholders.
  • The economic and social policies of the European Commission and its stakeholders.

SSM seminars are primarily intended to:

  • Economists and analysts working in policy-making organisations;
  • Academic researchers;
  • Policy officers with an interest in economic and social analysis.  

More information on previous SSM seminars can be found on this webpage


For more information, or to submit an abstract, please contact Arnaud Vaganay 

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