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News 12/01/2018

Social protection in the changing world of work

The Social Situation Monitor (SSM) team invited analysts, economists and social researchers to discuss the future of social protection in the changing world of work.

Social protection in the changing world of work

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The seminar took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brussels, on Friday 12 January 2018 (1pm-5pm). 

New forms of self-employment and non-standard work contracts are increasingly prevalent in Europe. Although these developments offer opportunities, they also entail social and financial risks, which governments might want to mitigate.  

How adequate are our social protection systems to these new forms of work? What reforms are most needed? The aim of the seminar will be to take a hard look at the evidence. The latest methodological developments and findings from the Labour Force Survey, the European Social Survey and Euromod were considered. 

Speakers included:  

  • Sonja Avlijaš, Sciences Po Paris; 
  • Raphaela Hyee, OECD;
  • Janine Leschke, Copenhagen Business School. 
  • Paul Schoukens, KU Leuven and Tilburg University; 
  • Alberto Tumino, JRC Seville.

Seminar agenda

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