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News 04/08/2017

Good practices for social enterprises – Joint Commission and OECD report

The report 'Boosting social enterprise development – Good Practice compendium' contains a rich collection of initiatives aimed at boosting social enterprise developments. It was jointly published by the European Commission Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).


The report identifies key lessons, providing concrete pointers for policy makers – from how to raise awareness and visibility of what social enterprises are and the value they provide, to how to unlock and attract funding better suited to their specific needs.

Social enterprises

Social enterprises can

  • create new jobs,
  • be a vehicle for efficient and effective service delivery,
  • boost citizens' participation in their local communities,
  • turn innovative ideas into action for the benefit of the common good.  

However, social enterprises can only meet their full potential if the right enabling environment is in place to allow them to start-up, scale-up and flourish.

Longstanding cooperation

The European Commission and the OECD have long been cooperating to improve the ecosystems for social enterprises. This joint report supports EU countries in their efforts to create favourable conditions for social enterprises, while also providing learnings for the broader OECD area.

The recent Start-up and Scale-up Initiative by the European Commission confirmed and provides new impetus to this approach.

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