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News 28/10/2016

The Youth Guarantee in practice: Elvis creates a job for himself

Elvis Skripunas has always been ambitious. While other children dreamed of being firefighters, doctors or astronauts when they grew up, Elvis was imagining himself with a suit and briefcase.

Name: Elvis Skripunas

Age: 24

Country: Lithuania, Rumsiskes

Youth Guarantee programme: Support for Self-Employment

Current status: CEO at Emisija

He started his first paid job when he was just 16 and excelled at school. Family financial difficulties prevented him from going to university, but he decided to study business management part-time at college so that he could work at the same time. The jobs he undertook gave him valuable experience and when he ended up unemployed at 23, he decided to put that experience to good use and create a job for himself.

“Having learned a lot about IT and marketing by myself and through my studies,” he explains, “I decided I wanted to launch my own digital marketing company.”

It was that decision that led Elvis to take part in the Youth Guarantee scheme’s Support for Self-Employment programme. Through the programme, he received consultations and – after putting together a convincing business plan – €11,200 of financial support to help him buy the equipment he needed to launch his business, Emisija.

A year on and Elvis’s hard work has paid off. Emisija is thriving, he continues to take on new clients and he’s hoping to hire other young people like him soon. He’s also seen benefits in his personal life. “Thanks to the scheme I’ve gained a lot of new experience. I’m also more independent than ever. I’m standing on my two own feet and thinking about getting a loan for a flat.”

About the programme

The Support for Self-Employment programme is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and implemented by the Lithuanian Labour Exchange. The programme helps young people who have just started or plan to start their own business and become self-employed. It offers financial aid and consultations in order to help the young people establish a work space, purchase the necessary equipment and develop their business plans.

Youth unemployment in Lithuania

  • As of July 2016, 16.5% of young people under 25 in Lithuania were unemployed.
  • In Lithuania, the Youth Guarantee offers young people aged 15-29 employment, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship within four months of becoming unemployed or leaving initial education.

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