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News 24/02/2015

Tackling long-term unemployment – public consultation

The European Commission recently launched a public consultation on tackling long-term unemployment, one of the most urgent challenges that Europe faces today. It runs until15 May 2015.

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The aim is to contribute to an impact assessment preparing a proposal for a Council Recommendation on the integration in the labour market of the long-term unemployed.

The Commission is seeking views and insights from stakeholders on how to improve service provision to long-term unemployed in order to shorten their unemployment spell. In particular, respondents are asked for their opinion on the integration of services, tailored individual support, mutual obligations and incentives for employers to take up long-term unemployed.

Public authorities, citizens, non-governmental organisations, think-tanks and businesses are highly encouraged to participate.

Despite that Europe is slowly recovering from the crisis, long-term unemployment continues to increase. Long-term unemployment bears huge costs, at individual level, macro-economic level and societal level.

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