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News 06/10/2014

Peer Review on Counterfactual Impact Evaluation, Prague, Czech Republic, 6-7 October 2014

Over 30 delegates from different Member States and International bodies attended a two-day Peer Review on Counterfactual Impact Evaluation (CIE) in Prague on 6 – 7 October.

Representatives from national ministries and independent experts from Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey as well as the European Commission learned how CIE was conducted in Czech Republic.

The aim of this Peer Review was to explore the use of CIE in evaluation of active labour market policies. It examined the methods that can be used for CIE, prompted by the example of the counterfactual evaluation of part of the Czech European Social Fund (ESF).

The Peer Review examined the CIE of those measures in the ESF Human Resources and Employment Operation Programme (HREOP) which are aimed at enhancing the adaptability of employees and at increasing competitiveness of private companies.

The event was hosted by the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, as part of the Mutual Learning Programme.


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