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News 18/09/2014

Peer Review on Youth Guarantee, Helsinki, Finland, 18-19 September 2014

Over 30 delegates from different Member States and International bodies attended a two-day Peer Review on the different experiences and practices across EU countries regarding to specific aspects of national YG guarantee schemes in Helsinki on 18 – 19 September.

Representatives from national ministries and independent experts from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden as well as the European Commission learned how the Youth Guarantee programme has been helping young people to gain access to education and employment.

This Peer Review focused on the renewed Youth Guarantee model that came into force in Finland from January 2013.  Finland has been offering a Youth Guarantee since 2005 following closely the Council Recommendations on the Youth Guarantee.

The event presented methods of implementing the guarantee, including: measures related to the Education Guarantee; the skills programme for young adults; Employment and Economic Development Services (PES) for youth; and rehabilitation services. It provided opportunities for exchange with other European countries to discuss the implementation of Youth Guarantee schemes and how to address the difficult situation faced by young people in the labour market.

This Peer Review was hosted by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland, as part of the Mutual Learning Programme.


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