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News 01/03/2022

EAfA publishes document on the benefits of apprenticeships for companies

The European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) has published a document titled ‘10 good reasons for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to invest in apprenticeships’.

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Many small and medium-sized enterprises are not aware of the positive aspects of hiring apprentices. In addition, SMEs are faced with a number of challenges that prevent them from becoming engaged with apprenticeships and EAfA. These include limited capacity, lack of employees dedicated to training and apprenticeships, and language barriers.

This new publication outlines the different benefits that apprenticeships can bring to SMEs, such as improving employee retention, introducing new ideas and perspectives, improving the company’s ability to innovate, and more. With this document, EAfA also aims to show small and medium-sized companies that they can receive help and support to make the process of hiring apprentices as easy as possible.

The document is in line with one of EAfA’s six priorities, more specifically ‘Priority 2: Incentivising support to SMEs in providing a stable supply of quality and effective apprenticeships’. As part of this priority, the Alliance is working on developing a series of resources on key strategies and actions that each EAfA stakeholder can implement to engage and support SMEs.

You can find the full document in the ‘Related documents’ section below.

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