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21/11/2012 Brussels

Conference on Microsimulation for Policymaking in Times of Crisis

The conference will showcase some recent policy-relevant analysis using EUROMOD and other microsimulation models.

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Micro-simulation models can be powerful tools for policy-makers to understand the effects of policies, particularly taxes and benefits, and reforms to them. They can also help to illuminate the implications of the changing economic environment for the cost and effectiveness of policies and for the income distribution.

The conference will bring together experts from the European institutions and the EU countries. Participation is by invitation only.


EUROMOD is a tax-benefit microsimulation model for the European Union that enables researchers and policy analysts to calculate, in a comparable manner, the effects of taxes and benefits on household incomes and work incentives for the population of each country and for the EU as a whole.

As well as calculating the effects of actual policies it is also used to evaluate the effects of tax-benefit policy reforms and other changes on poverty, inequality, incentives and government budgets.

Marriott Hotel, 3 Auguste Ortsstraat, 1000 Brussels - Brussels

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