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28/11/2011 Brussels

Ageing in Dignity: Designing effective strategies for tackling elder abuse

The purpose of the conference will be to take stock of the achievements of recent EU projects related to elder abuse and to exchange views about what needs and could be done at national and European level to protect the dignity and well-being of older people.

A person on a wheel chair next to a person on a normal chair

Following the 1st European high level conference of 2008 the European Commission is organising again a conference on the prevention of elder abuse.

The number of older people, particularly over the age of 80, will be growing very fast over the coming decades. While most of the over-80s can be expected to be able to live independently, a large minority are likely to be frail and dependent for prolonged periods on help from others, be they relatives or professional carers. They will be vulnerable to neglect or even abuse. Protecting the dignity of these people is becoming a major challenge for our societies.

The conference can be followed via webstreaming in EN, FR, DE, ES and IT.

Centre A. Borschette Building, rue Froissart, room AB-0A - Brussels

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