Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

22/11/2022 - 23/11/2022

Thematic Learning Dialogue: France – Channel Management Strategy

This Thematic Learning Dialogue (TLD) took place in Paris, hosted by the French PES, Pôle emploi, with participating PES from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia and Hungary, supported by peer coaches from the host Pôle emploi and Slovenia.

The TLD addressed the topic of channel management and featured presentations from the host PES on:

  • Reception and user relations programme: proposals to improve multi-channel reception management, including thematic aspects such as ‘telephony’ and ‘zero paper’;
  • Innovating and experimenting for job search and matching between labour supply and demand: the digital ecosystem of Pôle emploi.

Participating PES identified crucial needs in relation to their work on channel management, potential need for further information and support, as well as ways of adapting the approach presented by Pôle emploi to their institutional, organisational and economic conditions.

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