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30/09/2019 Brussels

First EaSI Conference (2019) - From EaSI to ESF+: Supporting the sustainability of social and employment projects

The first EaSI Annual Conference will take place in Brussels on 30 September 2019. It will look at the achivements, challenges, and future opportunities for the EaSI programme.

In the conference, participants will discuss further actions that build on past experiences of EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI). The following questions will guide discussions:

  • What does sustainability mean to you in the context of your project?
  • How strongly do you consider sustainability when implementing your project?
  • In your experience, what actions tend to work best to ensure that the results you create in your project last?
  • What elements are missing from the current set up of EaSI to support your project and achieve better sustainability?

The conference’s programme and the thematic discussion paper are available below in English, French and German.


With the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) coming up soon, it is important to look at the legacy of the EaSI programme can live further in its new setting. In the new Multiannual Financial Framework, EaSI will be folded into the ESF+, the main financial instrument to strengthen Europe’s social dimension.

This event aims to address the sustainability of the EaSI programme. It is evident that project promoters, national authorities and the European Commission have improved the sustainable implementation of EaSI. As always, there is room for improvement. 

Graphic recordings

Graphic recordings were created to summarise some sections of the conference. See them below:

Full album on Flickr

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