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20/11/2019 Berlin

EaSI technical assistance workshop on brand-building strategies

The European Commission is organising a one-day social finance workshop titled: “Brand-building strategies” under the EaSI Technical Assistance programme for social enterprise finance providers.

 EaSI technical assistance workshop on brand-building strategies

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There is increasing competition to attract capital from investors with an appetite for impact. Traditional asset managers are offering socially responsible investment opportunities, traditional funds are offering impact funds and the first social bonds have been issued. All those financial instruments have a varying degree of impact orientation and pose a challenge for impact-focused social enterprise finance intermediaries. So how to cut through?

In the growing market of impact-driven investments, the need for a differentiated approach becomes more and more important. Every player has to be able to define its particular philosophy and express it to potential clients. Social enterprise intermediaries can develop such branding strategies to compete more successfully.

The content of the workshop will be developed in interactive sessions. At the end of the day participants should have a better understanding of key concepts, implications and branding strategies, acquire a framework to build a relevant and consistent brand identity and tools to develop their own marketing and communication strategy.

The workshop will be held by PJ Mahrenholz. He is a Brand and Communication Strategist and Consultant with more than 25 years of experience in leading creative agencies in Germany and the UK. He worked for various globally known brands such as Volkswagen, Vodafone, NIVEA or MINI.

How to participate?

UPDATE: The maximum number of participants has been reached, therefore this workshop is now closed for applications. Should you be interested in attending such a workshop in the future, please get in touch with our service provider. The workshop could be repeated, in the same or a different location.


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