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News 07/07/2020

Commission adopts report on application of supplementary pension rights directive

The report evaluates the application by Member States of the 2014 directive, which aims to make it easier for mobile workers to obtain and maintain supplementary pension rights

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The Commission has adopted a report evaluating the application of the supplementary pension rights Directive. This Directive was adopted in 2014 and Member States had to transpose it into their national legislation by May 2018.  

The Directive aims to promote worker mobility by reducing the obstacles created by certain rules concerning supplementary pension schemes linked to an employment relationship. It provides minimum acquisition and preservation rights as well as information rights regarding supplementary pensions of mobile workers.

The report shows that by now, all Member States have transposed the Supplementary Pension Rights Directive leading to improvement of the acquisition and preservation of supplementary pension rights of mobile workers.

The report concludes that the transposition is overall satisfactory. As regards the application of the Directive, the analysis shows that the provisions transposing the Directive in individual Member States are operational and no particular important difficulties have been identified.

The Directive had an overall positive impact on mobile workers’ rights and  contributes to facilitating free movement of workers within the EU.

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