Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

News 07/11/2019

Assessment of the Europe 2020 Strategy

The Employment Committee (EMCO) and the Social Protection Committee (SPC) have jointly produced an assessment of the Europe 2020 Strategy - the EU's agenda for growth and jobs over the current decade.

The Strategy emphasises smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in order to improve Europe's competitiveness and productivity and underpin a sustainable social market economy.

This report focuses on the progress achieved in the employment and social domains under the Europe 2020 Strategy (and in particular the progress against the headline targets for employment and poverty and social exclusion) and the lessons learned from its implementation.

It also provides an assessment of the impact of the EMCO and the SPC’s work and of their monitoring and reporting frameworks in this context, and contains some reflections on the scope for improvement.

Finally, it also considers the structural challenges for the decade ahead that will be important to take into consideration in any discussion on a possible successor strategy to Europe 2020.

The Committees will produce a final assessment of the progress against the quantitative targets based on 2020 LFS and EU-SILC survey data in 2021.

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